Peep into the window. Enjoy the beautiful sunrise and sunset, the starstudded night – sky, greenery all – round, silhouette scenery, birds in flight formation, clouds as the backdrop to the concrete edifices. The list is endless. Each a bead in the necklace of features.

Just start from your own cozy apartment of happiness. Pleasing décor, optimal use of space, structurally – safe design, and user – friendly layout pattern make the stay here worth every moment of time.

But need 3 (shelter) is a life time need with one time decision and this is a crucial decision, we comprehend the need and project 100 fulfils it.
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  • A comfortable lifestyle, peace of mind and a close connect to nature are the three priority wishes

  • Their twin objectives are “QUALITY CONSTRUCTION” “MORE VALUE FOR MONEY” With this vision and strategic planning

  • Quality in every detail of work, at each level and continuous innovation are what sets us apart from the rest of the builders in the country.

  • The builder are Civil Engineers having 20 years of experience in the construction industry.

  • A Project of Ds & Jaks Constructions, with solid experience of constructing apartments, aptly titled Project – Needs 3, Project 100 is up for grabs.